Timişoara ’89 Foundation wasfounded on December 30, 1989 andisthusknown as thefirsthumanitarianorganization in post-revolutionary Romania.

“Timişoara ’89”, thefriend în needfor homelesspeople, shelterstheARHIPELAG Social Services Complex – residentialhomelesshomewiththeConvalescenceSection. The accommodationcenterof thefoundationhas an accreditedcapacity of 45 accommodationplaces (withthepossibility of extendingto 56 places), located in 5 buildingswithtechnicalannexes. Fourhouses (eachwith 3-4 roomsandbathrooms), builtduringthelast 4 years, are named, accordingtothesponsors’ name, the Romanian House, theSwedishHouseandtheLions-RotaryHouse, theSwissHouse. Beneficiaries (menandwomen, old peoplewithsmallpensionswho are notableto fiind place in a care shelter) are peoplewhohavelosttheirhomes, havephysicaland mental disabilitiesandrequire social assistanceforever; most of them are in convalescenceafteramputations, hemiparesis, trauma.

The complex includesaccommodationwith social servicesand a futureopening for building newhomes in a intended social colony for peoplewhohaveinsufficientincomestorent or purchase a dwelling. In this context, it is a prioritytopreventdisadvantagedpeople in crisissituationswhohavelosttheirhomestoreachthestreet.
The nextimmediategoalistheconstructionandputtingintooperation of newhomes – as a vision of a small European village – a social community; providingthe complex withtheutilitiesneeded for a decent life.