The Timişoara Foundation ’89 is a public utility organization (HG No 68/ February 27, 2013).
Established by Petru Ilieşu, supported by a small group of friends, “Timişoara ’89 Foundation”was formed on December 30, 1989 and is thus known as the first humanitarian organization in post-revolutionary Romania.
The main objective of the Foundation is to support people in crisis (people who have lost their homes, adults from orphanages, old people with small pensions who are not able to find place in care houses, people with physical and mental disabilities, families in critical condition due to poverty.
The Foundation works with the support of the Timişoara City Hall, of the organizations
U-assist (SAS – Sweden); Hilfe fur Kinder, UnitedWay, Rotary and Lions clubs and various other companies.
The Social Emergency Services Complex (in collaboration with the Municipal Emergency Clinical Hospital and County Emergency Clinical Hospital) includes the Residential Center with a convalescence unit, offices and service areas (kitchen and dining room) leisure (indoor park and digital art gallery).
Every day, within the social complex of the foundation are provided emergency aids, hot and cold meals, clothing, footwear and hygiene articles for accommodated beneficiaries. In the help program for poor families with children, food, furniture and household items are regularly distributed.
In the rural area, in the village of Comeat, the foundation organized – on the model of a social community – the Social Center for the training of integration skills of people who lost their homes.
At the cultural level, the foundation has set up a Digital Art Gallery, has performed street-type performances and video-installations; has published and are publishing important works to promote Timisoara.
Under the auspices of the foundation, the concept of Timisoara Open Art City (Timisoara – open city of arts) was launched, a concept that became a brand of Timisoara.
The foundation is a subject in various documentary films and exemplified in the documentary “Return to Europe” by ERSTE Stiftung, European Stability Institute, ORF, 3 Sat etc .; documentary about Romania that won the Erasmus Euro-Media Award in Vienna in 2008.