Target group: people in crisis (people left homeless;convalescent patients discharged from hospitals; without income and without family; elderly with low pensions who can’tafford to rent a home or find places in nursing homes for elderly people; day traveling workers from other cities failed in Timisoara (victims of abuse or robbery), poor families with several children.

Social program implemented by Timişoara ’89 Foundation in partnership with: Timişoara City Hall, Pater Jordan Night Shelter, West Timişoara University (Social Assistance Faculty), Social Emergency Center with social canteen; County Emergency Hospital; Municipal Emergency Hospital; regional psychiatric hospitals.

Social Action:

  • offering accommodation for people who lost their homes (Residential accommodation center); finding out people in crisis, registering, regulating or solving the individual situation of people who lost homes (depending on requirements and possibilities);
  • counseling and mediation (psychological counseling, guidance to medical or social centers, to public institutions able of solving some immediate or lasting problems, guiding social cases to make the right decision according to the situation, circumstance or intent, steps to recover or obtaining the identity documents, steps for integration into other social centers, placement, profiling, family reintegration, finding a job for those who are fit for work etc.)
  • emergency humanitarian aid (hot or cold food, clothing, footwear, social housing facilities for disabled persons);
  • sanitation services (bathing, disinfestation and disinfection);
  • social prophylaxis (detection of various diseases who may be spread to community hygiene training);
  • safe keeping of documents or personal values in the main office;
  • presentation in media particular situations in order to raise public awareness and obtain punctual support

Operating hours: 24 of 24

  • 8am-830 Breakfast
  • 8.30-10 (administrative program; evaluation of information)
  • 10-15 (emergency interventions)

  • 10-12,30: social bath, counseling and mediation
  • 13,30 -14,30 hot lunch
  • 14-16 social bath, counseling and mediation
  • 16-20 (individual social assistance, interactive activities program)
  • 19 -19,30 Dinner

Social Impact:

  • preventing vulnerable people from failing on the street
  • decrease of risk factors in the community through contamination with infectious-contagious diseases
  • Lower the number of people who fail on the street
  • increasing the health of the beneficiaries through adequate nutrition
  • Increasing the state of cleanliness of the beneficiaries and indirectly in the community
  • reducing the risk of accentuating the street phenomenon
  • reducing the risk of criminality as a result of covering the basic needs
  • reducing the passive attitude of the beneficiaries by involving them in solving their own problems and encouraging voluntary community service
  • regulation of legal status (by solving identity papers)
  • increasing the quality of life and the image of the community

How can you help improve the situation of people in crisis:

  • Volunteering in the activities
  • Job offers for those who are able to work
  • Partnerships between your companies / organizations and the foundation
  • Donations and sponsorship
  • Any other kind of help you think you can afford to give

Donation account: UniCredit Bank – Timisoara, CBIT ROBU, Str. Bocşanr. 3

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RO85BACX0000003008324001 — Cont in Dolari
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Contact: social complex – Str. MartirGoguOprenr. 24, Timisoara.
tel. fax and e-mail: 0256/493409 /